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The Service CU Impact Foundation is committed to assisting deserving students in pursuing a higher education and preparing for an exciting future.

In 2024, the Service CU Impact Foundation Board of Directors will award a total of $105,000 in scholarships to high school seniors, college students, and adult learners. New this year, we are offering the Robert Irvine Culinary Impact Scholarship, a $5,000 scholarship for students studying culinary arts!

Beginning on January 31, please follow the links below to apply for a scholarship. Applications will be accepted through March 31.

  • Click here to apply for a scholarship available to high school students, college students, and adult learners (non-traditional students).
  • Click here to apply for the Robert Irvine Culinary Impact Scholarship available to students pursuing a degree in culinary arts.

For more information on the scholarship program, including eligibility, please view this page.

New in 2024: Robert Irvine Culinary Impact Scholarship

Robert Irvine
David Araujo, President/CEO of Service Credit Union, announces new scholarship named in honor of Chef Robert Irvine

New in 2024, the Impact Foundation will accept applications for a $5,000 scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing an education in the culinary arts. The scholarship is named the Robert Irvine Culinary Impact Scholarship in honor of celebrity chef Robert Irvine, founder of the Robert Irvine Foundation which is dedicated to giving back to military, veterans and first responders. The Robert Irvine Foundation is a longtime partner of the Service CU Impact Foundation, having worked together since the Foundation’s inaugural signature event, the Golf Charity Classic

The Robert Irvine Culinary Impact Scholarship is open to high school seniors planning to attend, or students already attending a two- or four-year university accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, including adult continuing learners. To qualify, applicants must be members of or a dependent of a member of Service Credit Union. For more information, see the press release.

Congratulations to our 2023 scholarship recipients!

$10,000 winners include:

  • Aimee Bousquet, University of New Hampshire
  • Isabella Venezia, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute

$5,000 winners include:

  • Aimee Beck, University of Maryland Global Campus
  • Alexander Daniels, University of Edinburgh
  • Jessica Janinda, Northeastern University
  • Aurelia Lindkvist Dushane, Smith College
  • Ryan Mercier, Rivier University
  • Frances Sumayop, Liberty University

$2,500 winners include:

  • Kate Benton, University of Central Florida
  • Olivia Britton, University of Vermont
  • Mia Brown, University of Vermont
  • Katrina Chao, University of California, Berkeley
  • Samuel Essig, University of New England
  • Jacqueline Giroux, University of Vermont
  • Corinne Kelly, Regis College
  • Annie Kelly, University of Richmond
  • Avery Mosenthal, University of Vermont
  • Siena Norcross, University of Delaware
  • Tyler Olkkola, University of New Hampshire
  • Audrey Perron, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Christine Pingol, University of Rhode Island
  • Jonathan L Sullivan, College Unbound
  • Lauren Thompson, Capella University
  • Anna Vernetti, St. Mary’s College
  • Denis Vrsevci, University of Minnesota
  • Yvonne Zdanowski, American Public University

$1,000 winners include:

  • Ashley Briand, Chamberlain University
  • Andrzej Kmiecik, Northern Illinois University
  • Stephanie Mares, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Indira Royals, Western Governors University
  • Soren Ruppelius, University of Maryland Global Campus


We love to hear from students who have benefited from a Service CU Impact Foundation scholarship! Here is what some of our award recipients have said:

2023 Scholarship Recipient
Aimee B.

“As a military spouse stationed overseas, money can be tight and oftentimes the financial burden of education makes it nearly impossible. The scholarship I received from the Service CU Impact Foundation has allowed me to continue my Masters in Nonprofit Management even through a PCS move. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and continue giving back to my community.”

2023 Scholarship Recipient
Aimee B.

“I am so grateful for this scholarship. It allowed me to attend my first semester at UNH at no cost, which helped me focus on being the best student I could be, and seizing all the opportunities I could!”

2023 Scholarship Recipient
Ashley B.

“The Service CU Impact Foundation scholarship pushed me to continue through my MSN program by assisting financially so that I could focus on my degree! Thank you, Service CU Impact Foundation!”

2023 Scholarship Recipient
Isabella V.

“This scholarship allowed me to attend my first year of college debt free. It made choosing my college easier, as it opened up more options. I am proud to be attending RPI debt free thanks to the Service CU Impact Foundation!”

2023 Scholarship Recipient
Olivia B.

“This scholarship has allowed me to continue my education at the University of Vermont, where in my first semester I achieved a 4.0 GPA and continued to serve the community by becoming the Sustainability Chair of my university’s FeelGood chapter, an organization that works to end world hunger. These endeavors align with the goals of the Service CU Impact Foundation and I am very grateful for their support in reaching my goals!”

2023 Scholarship Recipient
Soren R.

“The Service CU Impact Foundation scholarship has allowed me to focus more on my studies and fieldwork without worry. Because of this support, I am well on my way to becoming an effective social worker and giving back to my community! I am so thankful for the help that the Foundation has given to students like me.”

2022 Scholarship Recipient
Madison B.

“I am so grateful for the Service CU Impact Foundation’s community outreach with the scholarship program. My scholarship award has helped me to pursue my education this year at the beautiful University of Vermont.”

2022 Scholarship Recipient
Maddie P.

“My family and I are grateful beyond words and this will help us out tremendously. This award has motivated me to be the best person and student that I can be, which I will be sure to carry with me into college.”

2022 Scholarship Recipient
Molly R.

“I am beyond grateful for the opportunity your organization has provided for me. I am already making progress in service impact at Berry College through clubs such as the Red Cross Club on campus. I look forward to expanding my impact with the assistance of your foundation. Thank you for all that you do for me and others.”

2021 Scholarship Recipient Grayson B.

“Your scholarship truly had a great impact on my success this first semester – I even made the Dean’s list! I’m extremely excited for this next semester and I can’t thank you all enough for helping to realize this fantastic opportunity!”