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The foundation’s scholarship is intended to assist students in funding their higher education needs and award deserving students in order to meet educational and professional goals and achieve their full potential.

The foundation will look at many factors when reviewing scholarship applicants to include Service Credit Union membership, academic achievement and community service.

Primary Award Criteria

  • Academic achievement, including grades, rank in class, standardized test scores and achievement test scores. 
  • Community and extracurricular involvement.
  • Participation in community service activities.
  • Awards and recognition in academic, school, extracurricular or community that illustrate and enhance the student’s ability to enter higher education.
  • Work history.

Eligible Applicants

  • High school seniors
  • Students currently enrolled in a 2-year program.
  • Future students not currently attending school but have been accepted to a 2-year program.
  • The student applying must be a member in good standing of Service Credit Union for one year or longer.

Award Restrictions

  • Non-renewable scholarship.
  • Applicant must be pursuing a 2 or 4 year college degree.
  • Full-time attendance to college is preferred. Part-time attendance must be justified.

Application Process and Requirements

  • Online Service CU Impact Foundation application must be completed.
  • 2 letters of recommendation from the following (pick two):
    • High school faculty
    • Coach
    • Employer
    • Community organization member
  • Student essay will be required and focuses on a specific topic each year.
  • High school transcripts are required.
  • Letter of acceptance from college or university required.
  • List of honors or awards, academic activities, volunteer work, employment, and leadership positions – these will be needed to complete the application.